Puzzle / CEVA BUN - 1000 pieces

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Fancy something tasty? If you grew up in Romania, this puzzle will feel like going back in time, around the typical celebratory table which gathered families, friends, neighbours, guests of all kinds, with typical Romanian goodies: salată boeuf, slană cu ceapă, drob, salată de vinete, zacuscă, gomboți cu prune, cozonac, mucenici, poale-n brâu, papanași, fursecuri și colaci.

- 1000 pieces

- 48 x 68 cm

- size of a piece: 2-3 cm* (IMPORTANT: this product is not recommended for children under the age of 6)

- pieces are cut so that they can’’t be placed randomly

- made of recycled materials

- each puzzle comes in a sturdy cardboard box


We want to encourage moments of relaxation in our lives, offering an extra reason - a pretty one! - to take a break.

So we turned one of the most popular illustrations - CEVA BUN - in a colourful and complex puzzle, that will turn us away from stress and hastiness, focusing all our attention on the present and its simple, mindful gestures. On top of that, who doesn’’t feel a drop of satisfaction when the last piece of puzzle finally found its place?


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