Five Sisters

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"Five Sisters" children's book 

written by Stephanie Campisi and illustrated by Madalina Andronic

published by Familius (USA), 2020


hardcover, 32 pages, 28 x 21cm

language: English

age group: 3-8 years


When a great white oak gifts an old man a branch imbued with magic, he carves five wooden matryoshka dolls, “each smaller than the last.” The wooden dolls take on a life of their own as they frolic from one season to the next, bringing the old man and his wife a joy they had always longed for. Beautiful verse and stunning, traditional illustrations full of woodland creatures and playfully painted matryoshka dolls explore a tale of heartache, hope, and love.

"This tender tale of a couple’s wish to have a child of their own is told in the style of a folktale, both in its structure as well as in the poetic writing style, which is rich with imagery. The old man and old woman have cared for the forest since its beginning and in return are blessed for their goodness with a branch from an oak tree. The old man carves the branch into five matryoshka dolls that the old woman cares for like daughters, her heart seemingly satisfied. When a wolf bites the doll daughters, leaving them in pieces, the old man once again returns to the oak tree from whence they were carved, but this time is blessed with a daughter “real and true.”

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