THE FIRE / wool + silk scarf

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“On Christmas Eve, all members of the family gather round the fire stove and start brightening the fire with a twig taken from a young tree. Romanians believe luck is conjured this way and abundance, good life and health is wished upon everyone. After everyone stirs the fire with the little branch, it is thrown into the flames, burning up and sealing the fate of everyone present.“

Inspired by the Romanian custom of stirring the fire and  my love for magic and folklore retold in today’s language, THE FIRE scarf is the gesture that celebrates your roots and makes you wear them proudly in a modern way, all while making sure that new life will join you in the year to come, purified by such a powerful and symbolic force of nature for our ancestors.

With two ways to wear it, depending on how you fold it, you can wear the sign of fortune on your back - the young twig barely touched by the embers, with hundreds of sparks dancing around


you can let yourself be engulfed by the red and pink flames that create a distinctive shape on the purple-blue background of the scarf.

May you have as many years of good fortune as are sparks in this fire!


size: 140x140 cm

composition: 70% wool + 30% silk

fringed borders

made in Italy

It’s a scarf long enough to wrap around your neck over a cosy coat, yet delicate enough to throw on your shoulders over an elegant dress for New Year’s Eve. The proportions of wool and silk are carefully balanced to result in an extremely fluid and lightweight, delicate but still protective accessory.

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