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Această cămașă de Gorj s-a cusut mereu cu vinețiu. Femeile se mândreau cu unicitatea portului lor, așa că își vopseau propriile fire cu tincturi din plante. Singura lor grijă era să nu se conformeze cu firele colorate in nuanțe industriale, standardizate, uneori "stricându-le" prin revopsire naturală.


Traditional shirt from Gorj. The threads of its embroidery have always been purple. Women took pride in colouring their own threads with natural dyes made of plants and their only concern was to not to conform to standard, industrial shades.


- original painting, black ink on Montval watercolour paper 300gsm;

- 20x25cm;

- the purchase of an original painting does not include the purchase of copyright; copyright for the artwork remains property of the artist;

- shipping fees will be calculated depending on the shipping address and zipcode.

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