22/31 BIHOR

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Cămașă veche din Bihor, cu poale, din pânză robustă, purtată de femeile bătrâne. La gât se gătea cu zgardane mărgelate, iar mânecile au primit broderie din fir negru de bumbac și volum generos din grumaz.


Traditional old shirt from Bihor, with long skirt, cut of thick cloth, worn by older women. Usually worn with with beaded chokers, the sleeves were voluminous and embroidered with black cotton threads.


- original painting, black ink on Montval watercolour paper 300gsm;

- 20x25cm;

- the purchase of an original painting does not include the purchase of copyright; copyright for the artwork remains property of the artist;

- shipping fees will be calculated depending on the shipping address and zipcode.

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