23/31 ARAD

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Cămașă din Arad cu "umerițe", asemenea epoleților pe umerii unui general. Înnoită cu guleraș din pânză de târg, este plină de broderie cu fir roșu, albastru și negru, cu accente luminoase de galben ici-colo.


Traditional shirt from Arad with "umerițe" - the epaulete-like embroidery on the shoulders. Adorned with a delicate collar, it's full of red, blue and black embroidery, with sudden yellow accents here and there.


- original painting, black ink on Montval watercolour paper 300gsm;

- 20x25cm;

- the purchase of an original painting does not include the purchase of copyright; copyright for the artwork remains property of the artist;

- shipping fees will be calculated depending on the shipping address and zipcode.

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