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Colouring notebook with 15 illustrated pages inspired by Viscri, the Romanian village that even won a king's heart, where time often seems to stay still.

Viscri is a treasure hidden in the heart of Transylvania, a village founded by saxons more than a thousand years ago, where their heritage is stil kept alive today: a simple life in harmony with nature, people living together in unity and customs unspoiled by the rush of time.

I gathered in this notebook 15 instances of life in the village, prepped and ready for your coloured pencils, like a getaway for the moments when you can't pay Viscri a real visit.

What’s there to colour in Viscri, hidden in the notebook?

0 - A Saxon pillow (on the cover)

1. The traditional woman costume

2. The traditional man costume

3. The blue house of Prince of Wales

4. Gâscoi, a local dish with layers of polenta and cheese, baked in the oven, served with rosehip jam and sausages)

5. A hand painted cabinet

6. The fortified church

7. Naturally dyed Easter eggs

8. The vegetable garden behind the house

9. Sour apples soup, a local first course with pork ribs and sour apples, flavoured with cream and eggs

10. Saxon pottery

11. Foraged treasures from the nearby forest

12. A hand-woven wool rug

13. Night over the village 

14. Terracota tiles

15. Christmas in Viscri


format: 21x31cm, 16 pages

15 different black&white linework illustrations + 15 blank pages for free drawing

material: DCM paper 300g, metallic wire

recommended techniques: coloured pencils, crayons, markers, watercolours, gouache, acrylics


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